Who we are

LibMod stands up for the defense and renewal of open society. Liberal Modernity, as such a combi­na­tion of indi­vidual freedom, demo­c­ratic republic, cosmopoli­tanism and cultural diversity is facing pressure worldwide. It is chal­lenged from within as well as from the outside. In times of funda­mental changes – glob­al­iza­tion, digital revo­lu­tion, climate change and worldwide migration – there is a need for cross-partisan reflec­tion about the future of our common society and the inter­na­tional order.

For us the indi­vidual freedom and social cohesion, personal respon­si­bility and strong public Insti­tu­tions belong together. LibMod is aimed to be a rallying point for free thinkers from different political camps, finding answers to the chal­lenges of our time and promoting the formation of political thought in that spirit. The Center for Liberal Modernity (LibMod) was founded in 2017 by Marieluise Beck and Ralf Fücks.

Read more about the moti­va­tion for founding the Center for Liberal Modernity here.