The Center for Liberal Moder­nity (LibMod)
is a think tank devoted to democ­racy, indi-
vidual liberty and cos­mopoli­tanism, in short:
to the defense and renewal of open society.

Liberal moder­nity is under pres­sure all over
the world. In a time of fun­da­men­tal changes,
we promote cross-par­ti­san reflec­tion about
the future of our common society and the
inter­na­tional order. We serve as a ral­ly­ing
point for free thinkers of all polit­i­cal persu-
asions and search for answers to the great
chal­lenges of our time.

LibMod was founded by Marieluise Beck
and Ralf Fücks in 2017.

On January 17 the Centre for Liberal Moder­nity held its second inter­na­tional Russia con­fer­ence

Russia and the West
Do We Need a New Ost­poli­tik?

The anti-lib­eral revolt ist not limited to the US and Europe. Ten­den­cies towards an ‘illib­eral democ­racy’ and ethnic nation­al­ism can be observed in Israel as well.

Pop­ulist nativism of the East, West and Israel

What’s driving the anti-liberal revolt?
And what should we do about it?

Secu­rity in Tran­si­tion

The Ukraine is in the midst of a far-reach­ing trans­for­ma­tion. With a click you’ll reach the website “” with reports, analy­sis and assess­ments of the current devel­op­ments within the country (in German only).

Under­stand­ing Ukraine

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