Is Ukraine Ready for an Energy Decen­tral­i­sa­tion Reform?

Center for Liberal Modernity together with our Ukrainian partners from Clean Energy Lab would like to invite you to an online discus­sion on “Small distrib­uted gener­a­tion and reforming the energy system of Ukraine” June 28th 14–15:30 CET.

Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought, among others, extra­or­di­nary chal­lenges to the Ukrainian energy system. After unprece­dented winter attacks almost half of the Ukrainian energy system was damaged, leaving around 25% of Ukraine’s popu­la­tion without proper access to electricity.

In response to these chal­lenges, Ukraine’s govern­ment has priori­tised energy decen­tral­i­sa­tion as one of the direc­tions for improving energy security and resilience.

In the discus­sion, which is moderated by Alina Sviderska (Clean Energy Lab) we would like to discuss following questions:

  • How far can Ukraine go with its energy decentralisation?
  • In which form should decen­tral­i­sa­tion happen? What specific incen­tives are needed for this?
  • What are the technical restraints of decen­tral­i­sa­tion which should be considered?

The author of the policy brief on small distrib­uted gener­a­tion and the energy decen­tral­i­sa­tion reform in Ukraine, Oleksii Romanov (Imepower), Inna Sovsun (MP, energy committee), Rouven Stubbe (Berlin Economics), Oleksii Mykhailenko (Clean Energy Lab) and a repre­sen­ta­tive of the Ministry of Infra­struc­ture of Ukraine (tbc) will open the discussion.

The summarised results of the discus­sion will be shared among relevant stake­holders to contribute to the debates on the proper energy decen­tral­i­sa­tion reform and to align the position across the sector.

To register for the event please send an e‑mail to


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