Action Plan for Ukraine’s Energy System

The Ukrainian energy system is at the brink of collapse. Expert Oleksandr Vizir makes concrete proposals and outlines a plan to save the energy infra­struc­ture of the country. Measures include rapid devel­op­ment of new gener­a­tion capac­i­ties as well as control­ling state energy companies.

The Ukrainian energy system is on the verge of collapse. Targeted Russian attacks against the energy system have destroyed large parts of the elec­tricity and heat gener­a­tion capac­i­ties in recent weeks and months. In conse­quence, Ukraine suffers an ongoing severe energy shortage. Power outages are a daily occur­rence, which makes life difficult for the popu­la­tion, but also poses major chal­lenges for the economy – and therefore for the defence capabilities.

In this policy paper, Ukrainian energy system expert Oleksandr Vizir outlines concrete proposals on how the current situation can be improved for the winter of 2024/​25 and the coming years.

These include among others an increase in elec­tricity import capac­i­ties, a rapid expansion of decen­tral­ized energy gener­a­tion, a reform of energy subsidies, measures for the rapid devel­op­ment of new elec­tricity and heating capac­i­ties, but also a reform of the gover­nance and control­ling of state energy companies.

The outlined reform proposals are relevant not only for Ukrainian decision-makers who are involved in the energy sector, but also for inter­na­tional experts and sponsors who support reform-oriented policies in Ukraine.

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