Republic of Moldova: EU Candidate Status and State of Reforms

After granting Moldova EU candidate status, the EU now expects serious reforms — espe­cially in the areas of de-oligarchiza­tion and anti-corrup­tion. In a policy brief, Moldovan expert Denis Cenusa evaluates Moldova’s progress in meeting these requirements.

On June 22, 2022, the European Council granted Ukraine and Moldova EU candidate status, while opening up a European perspec­tive to Georgia. The European Commis­sion now expects the three states to undertake serious reforms.

De-oligarchiza­tion and anti-corrup­tion are among the prior­i­ties of the required reforms. Moldovan expert Denis Cenusa describes in his policy brief whether the accession condi­tions have been fulfilled in Moldova so far. Cenusa empha­sizes that an important prereq­ui­site for the start of accession nego­ti­a­tions with the EU is compli­ance with the recom­men­da­tions of the Venice Commission.

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