Vik­to­ria Savchuk

Per­sonal Assis­tant to the Exec­u­tive Board

Foto: Stefan Lengsfeld


T +49 30 — 13 89 36 47



Vik­to­ria Savchuk: 75 Jahre Depor­ta­tion der Krimtataren

Vik­to­ria Savchuk: Krim­tatarische Kultur-Depor­ta­tion 1944 Crimean­sol­i­dar­ity

Vik­to­ria Savchuk is a man­age­ment con­sul­tant at the Centre for Liberal Moder­nity. As a lawyer and advo­cacy expert, she worked for several years at the NGO “Crimea­SOS” in Kyiv (Ukraine), where she worked on the issue of the Russian-occu­pied Crimea and inter­nally dis­placed persons. She studied law at the National Academy of the Inte­rior of Ukraine and at the Georg-August Uni­ver­sity of Göttingen.