Christoph Becker

Member of the Exec­u­tive Board

Foto: Stefan Lengsfeld


T +49 30 — 13 89 36 32



Christoph Becker, Putins Krieg mit Ansage, H und G, 18.3.2022

Ralf Fücks, Christoph Becker (Hg.), Das alte Denken der Neuen Rechten, Die langen Linien der antilib­eralen Revolte, 2020

Christoph Becker, Auseinan­der­set­zung mit dem Welt­bild und poli­tis­chen Visio­nen von Björn Höcke, Eine Buchrezen­sion, 2019

Ralf Fücks, Christoph Becker, Fak­tencheck: Kreist die NATO Rus­s­land ein? 2019

 Christoph Becker is a member of the Exec­u­tive Board. Pre­vi­ously, he worked as a research assis­tant and office manager in the Bun­destag, where he mainly dealt with foreign policy issues and rela­tions with Belarus and the Western Balkans region. He studied reli­gious studies and art history at the Free Uni­ver­sity of Berlin and grad­u­ated with a thesis on the Nazi chief ide­ol­o­gist Alfred Rosenberg. 

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