Paula Mangold

Research Asso­ciate

Paula Mangold is respon­si­ble for project con­cep­tion, format devel­op­ment, and video and social media content editing. She is also respon­si­ble for mon­i­tor­ing right-wing extrem­ist dis­course in social net­works, as well as press and public rela­tions work and edi­to­r­ial support for the o[s]tklick home­page and exter­nal authors.

Paula Mangold is a cul­tural his­to­rian with a focus on Nazi history, pol­i­tics of memory and, gender history. She pre­vi­ously worked as a dis­trict manager for Bündnis 90/​Die Grünen, for the Foun­da­tion EVZ, and the Leipzig Forced Labour Memo­r­ial, among others. At LibMod, she has already worked as a project manager and research assis­tant in the projects “Geg­n­er­analyse” and “Sicher­heit im Wandel”.