Sec­u­lar­ism in retreat – Trump’s poi­soned legacy

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In the once secular US, reli­gious fun­da­men­tal­ists are increas­ingly gaining influ­ence, as most recently shown by the abor­tion ruling. Trump has appointed 120 con­ser­v­a­tive judges during his term in office and so the Supreme Court could also change the elec­toral law in favour of conservatives.

While it is becom­ing increas­ingly clear to the US and the world that Donald Trump has been prepar­ing the coup on 6 January 2021 for a long time and should there­fore be charged with treason, his Repub­li­can Party is prepar­ing for the next blow against US democ­racy. In per­spec­tive, the ultra-con­ser­v­a­tives actu­ally no longer have a chance of winning the White House for them­selves. The demo­graphic trend in the state is shift­ing from the white, Protes­tant, Anglo-Saxon ideal voter that the  Grand Old Party intends to embody. The US is becom­ing more colour­ful, more diverse, and thanks to immi­gra­tion– unlike all other indus­tri­alised nations – also younger.

In order to have any chance at all, the Repub­li­cans are there­fore using a unfair trick, a new divi­sion of elec­toral dis­tricts that mar­gin­alises ethnic minori­ties and favours white female voters. This ger­ry­man­der­ing vio­lates the 14th Amend­ment to the US Con­sti­tu­tion. But now that the Supreme Court is staffed by politi­cised indi­vid­u­als and three liberal jus­tices face a phalanx of six Repub­li­cans, it is feared that the Con­sti­tu­tion will be amended and a jurispru­dence pro­hibit­ing ger­ry­man­der­ing will be annulled. Donald Trump has appointed 120 con­ser­v­a­tive judges and jus­tices during his tenure. Those of them who are on the Supreme Court are appointed for life.

Recently, con­ser­v­a­tives have shown which path they want to set the country on with an ide­o­log­i­cal sub­stan­ti­a­tion, often accom­pa­nied in the US by a fun­da­men­tal­ist reli­gios­ity, which has become com­pletely alien to many Euro­peans, thank Goddess. Women now no longer have the right to abor­tion. Now, the indi­vid­ual states decide whether to allow abor­tions or not. The Bible fun­da­men­tal­ists are cheer­ing and even call that women who have an abor­tion legally per­formed in another state are to be pun­ished in the state where they live.

The US, which once started as the first secular project of the modern age, is thus turning into a kind of theoc­racy the high priests of which are the chief jus­tices and acolytes are Repub­li­can office­hold­ers. US Pres­i­dent Joe Biden should be stoned to death by the Repub­li­can Inqui­si­tion because as a politi­cian he sup­ported leg­is­la­tion that gave women a choice to con­tinue or ter­mi­nate their preg­nan­cies. Right-wing members in the Catholic Church, to which Joe Biden belongs, echoed the same message, and wanted Joseph barred from receiv­ing the sacraments.

Hard­lin­ers on the Supreme Court have now tasted blood and want to con­tinue the restruc­tur­ing of society. Next, they could address mar­riage for all, which is anath­ema in the eyes of many extreme believ­ers – 40 per cent of whom, by the way, believe that God created the world in six days, accord­ing to the text of the Book of Genesis.

In this respect, the appoint­ment of the US Supreme Court is dif­fer­ent from that of a country like Germany. If judge­ships are assigned there “polit­i­cally”, there is no doubt that – regard­less of whether a judge hands in a CDU or an SPD party book upon taking office – the primacy of secular law applies. In the US, fanat­i­cal forces are pro­mot­ing a Tal­iban­iza­tion of society. This is accom­pa­nied by the dis­crim­i­na­tion of whole groups of society, which is know­ingly and will­ingly pushed by the Repub­li­cans for reasons of their own preser­va­tion of power.

2024 will become a water­shed, because then Donald Trump, should he not be indicted for treason and other crimes by then, could once again become the Republican’s can­di­date of choice. This would deal the death blow to US democ­racy, which is a shadow of its best self simply because of the obscene inequal­ity in society.




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