Join our discus­sion “Russia and the West”

How should we deal with a repres­sive and confronta­tional Russia? Join our annual discus­sion “Russia and the West” on 24 March, which will be held jointly with the Munich Security Confer­ence this year.

With the war against Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has brutally attacked the European order. The political and human­i­tarian cata­strophe currently unfolding in Ukraine, which is fighting a desperate struggle against a far superior adversary, marks a turning point. This does not come as a surprise. For years, the Russian lead­er­ship has pursued a revan­chist and mili­taristic course.

Russia’s system­atic rear­ma­ment, the military inter­ven­tion in Ukraine that has been ongoing since 2014, the bombing campaign in Syria, the deploy­ment of Russian mercenary troops in other countries – all these were clear signs of an aggres­sive forward strategy by the Kremlin. Its goal is to re-establish Russia as a great power and adversary of Western democ­ra­cies. Putin has demon­strated that he is willing to gamble big and ignore all the relevant norms to achieve these goals.

The recent wave of repres­sion against Russian civil society, inde­pen­dent media, and demo­c­ratic oppo­si­tion is the flip side of the same coin. In recent years, the Putin system has increas­ingly evolved into a dicta­tor­ship that barely hides behind a pseudo-demo­c­ratic facade.

How should the West deal with a Russia that is increas­ingly repres­sive inter­nally and aggres­sive exter­nally? Are the coun­ter­mea­sures taken so far suffi­cient to contain the Kremlin’s neo-imperial ambitions? Are our societies ready to bear the cost of joint European security? How can we isolate Russia polit­i­cally and econom­i­cally and still cooperate with Russian civil society?


  • Michael Roth, Chairman of the Bundestag’s Foreign Affairs Committee, SPD
  • Roderich Kiesewetter, Spokesman for Crisis Preven­tion, CDU/​CSU Parlia­men­tary Group in the Bundestag
  • Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmer­mann, Chair of the Bundestag Defense Committee, FDP
  • Agnieszka Brugger, Deputy Chair­woman of the Green Party parlia­men­tary group in the Bundestag

Moder­a­tion: Ralf Fücks, Center for Liberal Modernity


Change of Perspective

Intro­duc­tory remarks:

  • Pavlo Klimkin, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (online)

Talk with:

  • Daniel Fried, Atlantic Council
  • Svitlana Zalishchuk, Foreign Policy Advisor to a Deputy Prime-Minister of Ukraine, former Member of Parliament

Moder­a­tion: Ambas­sador Boris Ruge, Vice-Chairman of the Munich Security Conference


To register for online partic­i­pa­tion, please klick on the button below:

Simul­ta­neous inter­pre­ta­tion will be provided in English and German throughout the evening. The German program can be found on

This event is held in coop­er­a­tion with the Munich Security Confer­ence. It concludes the Center for Liberal Modernity’s annual inter­na­tional confer­ence “Russia and the West”


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