Dr. Iryna Solonenko

Senior Fellow


T +49 30 — 25 09 58 69


Dr. Iryna Solonenko is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Liberal Modernity. She is an expert on European inte­gra­tion and foreign policy, specif­i­cally the European Neigh­bour­hood Policy /​ Eastern Part­ner­ship. Her focus is on Ukraine, its reform process, and the nexus between wealth and political power.

She has twenty years of profes­sional expe­ri­ence as a project manager at the EastWest Institute in Kyiv and at the European Exchange in Berlin, as Director of the Europe Programme of the Inter­na­tional Renais­sance Foun­da­tion (Open Society Foun­da­tions) in Ukraine, and as an inde­pen­dent policy consul­tant. She studied History, European Studies, and Urban Admin­is­tra­tion at the Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Academy of Urban Admin­is­tra­tion in Ukraine, Central European Univer­sity, and Birm­ingham University.

Publi­ca­tions (Selection)

The complete list of publi­ca­tions is available at https://europa-uni-de.academia.edu/IrynaSolonenko