Online Con­ver­sa­tion: Rethink­ing Lib­er­al­ism — What went wrong with Lib­er­al­ism and what to do about it?

Wednes­day October 14. 7 pm‑8.30 pm – via Zoom

Liberal democ­racy is at risk. From within, pop­ulist parties and move­ments are chal­leng­ing open soci­eties by exploit­ing fear of glob­al­iza­tion, resent­ments against migrants and anger about social inequal­ity. At the same time, author­i­tar­ian regimes are chal­leng­ing the liberal order and actively under­mine liberal democracies.

Lib­er­al­ism as a school of thought and policy ori­en­ta­tion has widely lost its attrac­tive power. The times seem gone when Lib­er­als have been a driving force for democ­racy, civil rights and a thriv­ing economy. Today, Lib­er­al­ism seems on the defense, widely asso­ci­ated with market rad­i­cal­ism and selfish inter­ests of the rich and succesful.

Yet you will find liberal minds in almost every demo­c­ra­tic party. And wher­ever people are stand­ing up against author­i­tar­ian regimes – like now in Belarus -, liberal ideas are inspir­ing their call for freedom and dignity. Lib­er­al­ism is far from dead, but clearly needs a pro­found renovation.


Ralf Fücks (Center for Liberal Moder­nity) will discuss the ques­tion “What went wrong with Lib­er­al­ism and what to do about it?” with

  • Goran Bul­dioski, Open Society Ini­tia­tive for Europe (OSIFE), Open Society Foundations
  • Tanja Börzel, Free Uni­ver­sity Berlin and SCRIPTS
  • Karen Horn, Uni­ver­sity of Erfurt 
  • Amichai Magen, IDC Herzliya

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