“When we talk about Ukraine’s NATO member­ship, we should not worry about Russia’s reaction.”

Historian Sergey Radchenko on why Ukraine should become a NATO member.

We spoke to Dr Radchenko on the sidelines of our confer­ence “Russia and the West” in April 2023.

“During the debates in the 1990s, one of the reasons not to enlarge NATO too far to the east was not to upset Russia. This is no longer an issue today – Russia is already “upset” and is very hostile to the West.

Therefore, when we talk about Ukraine’s potential NATO member­ship, we should not be worried about Russia’s reaction.

And from an enlight­ened Russian position, NATO member­ship for Ukraine is a good thing for Russia because it means Ukraine is anchored to Europe (and) a pros­perous secure Ukraine is good for Russia.

Of course, for Ukraine probably the only thing to be secure in the long term, no other guar­an­tees would address that perennial problem.”


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