Online-Discus­sion: Security in Times of Change

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Lessons learned from Covid-19: Ralf Fuecks discusses with Anthony Giddens

The corona pandemic is changing the world rapidly. The vulner­a­bility of societies became visible. Our mobility and our lifestyles became potential risks for ourselves and others. Our daily lives changed immensely and a lot of people are fearing the loss of their jobs. At the same time, national govern­ments became the most important actors. Collec­tive safety is the comand­ment of the time.

How far are security and freedom are conflicting goals? What kind of security do we need in these times of rapid change?  How does the role of the state evolve? Are we entering a new era of strong government?

On 1 October at 12 pm Ralf Fuecks, founder and director of the Center for Liberal Modernity in Berlin, will discuss with Lord Anthony Giddens, soci­ol­o­gist at the London School of Economics and Political Science and member of the British House of Lords.

The discus­sion will be held in english and german with simul­ta­neous translation.

Please register via the link. The link to the discus­sion will be sent to you some days in advance. If you have questions, please contact Rainald Manthe (

We are looking forward to your participation!


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