Panel 3: Outcome of the war: Are we doing enough for Ukraine to win?

Foto: Tobias Kunz

“Are we doing enough for Ukraine to win?” was the question addressed by the panel with Justyna Gotkowska, Christian Mölling, Maryna Vorotniuk, Alex Vidman and Nico Lange. The partic­i­pants agreed that the West’s support is not enough and discussed what needs to be done specif­i­cally to support Ukraine.

“Many Western govern­ments are more concerned with managing the war” (Justyna Gotkowska)

It first became clear that it is necessary to produce more weapons and ammu­ni­tion. Christian Mölling, Deputy Director of the DGAP Research Institute, pointed out that the defence industry receives no financial incen­tives and works “in peace mode”. According to Justyna Gotkowska, Deputy Director of the OSW Centre for Eastern Studies, a victory for Ukraine would mean “regaining the territory of Ukraine and setting limits to the expansion of Russian impe­ri­alism.” Ukraine should also join the EU and NATO. This would guarantee long-term security for Europe. However, many Western govern­ments still do not have a clear goal in mind and are more concerned with “managing the war”, which leads to insuf­fi­cient support for Ukraine.

“There is only one way to win the war” (Alex Vindman)

According to Maryna Vorotniuk, Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), a victory for Ukraine would also mean “inflicting a strategic defeat on Russia”. She called on people to think about what would happen if Ukraine collapsed rather than worrying about Russia’s possible defeat. Former U.S. Army Lieu­tenant Colonel Alex Vindman noted in this context that there are many ways to lose the war (for Ukraine), but only one way to win it — and the military resources of the West are essential for this.


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