Security deficit in Europe: Updating and upgrading the EU’s security role in Ukraine

What are the EU’s options regarding Ukraine’s inte­gra­tion into the European Defence Union? What measures are relevant for security on the ground? Iulian Romanyshyn explores these questions in the new LibMod policy paper.

This paper explores the EU’s ability to exert itself as a strong and mean­ingful security provider for Ukraine. It examines the oppor­tu­ni­ties for EU actions with respect to Ukraine’s inte­gra­tion in the European Defence Union and measures pertinent to the EU’s security provision on the ground.

The paper was written shortly before Russia’s full-scale invasion and back then many policy recom­men­da­tions may have looked unre­al­istic. However, today these recom­men­da­tions have become reality. The EU has become a security actor; moreover, Ukraine’s inte­gra­tion into the European Defence Union has a good chance to mate­ri­alise over time, as Ukraine is now on a path to become a member of the EU.

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