Ukraine and the EU at the Time of War: A New Paradigm

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The EU must become an autonomous foreign policy actor and use its enlarge­ment policy to address the chal­lenges posed by Russia’s aggres­sion. A Policy Paper by Laure Delcour and Kataryna Wolczuk.

On 3 February 2023, the 24th annual EU-Ukraine Summit is scheduled to take place in Kyiv. This bilateral meeting on the highest level will take place for the first time since the EU granted Ukraine the candidate status. This new situation calls for inno­v­a­tive decisions, which would deepen Ukraine’s European inte­gra­tion. This policy paper explains how Russia’s full-scale invasion affected EU-Ukraine relations and the chal­lenges it poses for the EU’s enlarge­ment policy. The authors argue that for the EU to face the chal­lenges that arise from Russia’s aggres­sion, it should turn into an autonomous foreign policy actor and agree on a renewed, gradual and trans­parent enlarge­ment policy.

This policy paper was prepared for a project which LibMod imple­mented in coop­er­a­tion with the Policy Planning Unit of the German Federal Foreign Office in 2021–22. The project brought together high-profile experts from think-tanks in the EU, Ukraine, and North America to discuss the EU’s long-term policy towards Ukraine in key areas and develop policy recom­men­da­tions. All policy papers initially served as input papers for the discus­sions and were finalised before being published.

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