Russia After Putin – Scenarios of Change

What future for Russia should we strive for? Our authors Vladimir Milov and Maria Domanska strongly argue that the West must not fear a collapse of the regime. Positive change in Russia is possible and the country is not doomed to remain an imperial dicta­tor­ship forever.

These papers are part of the project Inter­na­tional Expert Network Russia, which is supported by the German Foreign Ministry. The views expressed are the authors’ own.

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The West must give up illusions about peaceful coex­is­tence with the Putin regime. While we cannot implement regime change inside Russia, there is a lot we can and should do to shape the future of Russia. This includes a policy of sticks and carrots – because Putin is not surrounded by funda­men­talist ideo­logues but by oppor­tunists and tech­nocrats.  The West should also work closely with the exiled oppo­si­tion which can become an agent of change in the future. But the first prereq­ui­site for a new beginning is a defin­i­tive Russian defeat in Ukraine. This was the essence of an online discus­sion of the two policy papers on 15 February.

Download both papers as a single PDF file here or read it below:





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