Open Call to Apply for a Workshop Trip to Ukraine for Media.
Focus: Energy Security


Dates: April 22–25, 2024 (departure April 21; arrival April 26)
Location: Ukraine, Kyiv and neigh­boring regions.



About the Workshop Trip:

Since February 2022, Ukraine has valiantly stood resilient against the ongoing aggres­sion by the Russian Fede­ra­tion. The relent­less attacks have left a trail of massive destruc­tion across various sectors, with the energy sector bearing the brunt of nearly half of its infra­struc­ture damaged. The assaults, parti­cu­larly during the last winter, led to long-lasting power outages across all regions, unders­coring the harsh realities faced by the Ukrainian population.

Ukrai­nians, in the face of these chal­lenges, have demons­trated remar­kable resi­li­ence, adapting to dire obstacles when funda­mental conve­ni­ences, such as energy supply, were disrupted. This resi­li­ence has been bolstered by the support extended by inter­na­tional partners, with Germany emerging as the second-largest contri­butor to aid for Ukraine. However, the specter of Russian aggres­sion continues to loom large, posing a signi­fi­cant threat to Ukraine and to the security of the entire continent.

We, the Zentrum Liberale Moderne (LibMod) and Clean Energy Lab (CEL) are excited to announce an open call, inviting repre­sen­ta­tives from media as well as those who take part in the public discourse to apply for parti­ci­pa­tion in a workshop trip to Ukraine. The trip, scheduled for April 22–25, aims to provide a firsthand under­stan­ding of the impact of Russian aggres­sion on Ukraine’s energy sector and local commu­ni­ties, focusing on the role of media in portraying these issues.

The trip will include the following activities:

  1. Meetings with Govern­mental and Public Sector Officials:
  • Engage in discus­sions with key figures from the Ukrainian Parlia­ment, govern­ment, media, and public sector.
  • Gain insights into the political landscape, govern­ment initia­tives, media perspec­tives, and public sector efforts in response to the ongoing challenges.
  1. Site Visits to Public Buildings Affected by Russian Aggression:
  • Explore sites directly impacted by Russian aggres­sion, with a focus on those that expe­ri­enced elec­tri­city outages last winter, or those which were heavily damaged during recent attacks.
  • Witness firsthand the resi­li­ence of commu­ni­ties by visiting locations now equipped with rene­wa­bles and other backup elec­tri­city sources, show­ca­sing inno­va­tive solutions to energy chal­lenges that promote and implement energy security and sustaina­bi­lity through energy decentralization.
  1. Workshop with Ukrainian Journalists:
  • Parti­ci­pate in a compre­hen­sive workshop faci­li­tated by jour­na­lists and media experts specia­li­zing in show­ca­sing the impact of military aggres­sion in Ukraine.
  • Dive into discus­sions on energy issues, the portrayal of military conflicts in the media, and the resi­li­ence of local commu­ni­ties. Gain unique insights into the chal­lenges faced by Ukrainian jour­na­lists during the wartime and the importance of their role in raising public awareness.

Financial Conside­ra­tions:

LibMod and CEL are covering the traveling costs (train/​bus tickets) and providing the accom­mo­da­tion and trans­por­ta­tion in Kyiv.

How to Apply:

Inte­rested indi­vi­duals from media or those who take part in the public discourse are invited to apply by 08/​03/​2024 via the following link:

The number of parti­ci­pants is limited. Parti­ci­pa­tion is subject to confir­ma­tion. Recourse to legal action is excluded. You will receive the confir­ma­tion of parti­ci­pa­tion by 22/​03/​2024.


More Infor­ma­tion:

We are looking forward to welcoming a diverse group of parti­ci­pants to this workshop trip. For addi­tional details or inquiries, please feel free to contact us via email at