Ukraine’s War of Inde­pen­dence: Damage Account and Western Support

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On 22 March, the Center for Liberal Modernity in coope­ra­tion with Naftogaz Ukraine and the Ukrainian Fede­ra­tion of Employers of the Oil and Gas Industry organized an online discus­sion about the current situation in Ukraine and the urgent steps to support Ukraine.

Since the start of the Russian war against Ukraine on February 24th, thousands of civilians and soldiers lost their lives, and even more, were wounded, millions of people are displaced and fleeing. Infra­struc­ture in dozens of cities was inten­tio­nally destroyed. Ukraine’s estimated losses from the destruc­tion caused by the Russian invasion already account for over USD 100 billion, plus new damages every day. While the Ukrainian military is bravely defending the country, more deter­mined inter­na­tional support in all dimen­sions as well as tougher economic sanctions against Russia are urgently needed to stop Putin’s war of aggression.

In this webinar, Ukrainian and German experts from politics, business, and civil society will discuss (1) What, in terms of loss and damage, is the impact of the Russian war against Ukraine up until now? (2) Which financial, military, huma­ni­ta­rian, and political steps must be taken in order to help Ukraine sustain its independence?


14:00 – 14:45
Current account of the huma­ni­ta­rian and economic damage to Ukraine

  • Evgen Perelygin, Ambassador, Head of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration
  • Michael Siebert, Managing Director Eastern Europe, and Central Asia, European External Action Service

14:45 – 16:00  
Urgent steps in financial, defense, huma­ni­ta­rian and political support for Ukraine

  • Yuri Vitrenko, Chief Executive Officer, Naftogaz Ukraine
  • Ivanna Klympush-Tsint­s­adze, MP, Chair of the Parlia­men­tary Committee of Ukraine’s inte­gra­tion into European Union, Ukraine
  • Johannes Schraps, MP (SPD), Germany
  • Robin Wagener, MP (Alliance 90/​The Greens), Germany
  • Boris Iaro­che­vitch, Senior Advisor to the Managing Director Eastern Europe and Central Asia, European External Action Service
  • Marie­luise Beck, Director for East-Central and Eastern Europe, Center for Liberal Modernity, Germany

Mode­ra­tion: Ralf Fücks, Managing Director, Center for Liberal Modernity, Germany



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