Ukraine’s War of Inde­pen­dence: Damage Account and Western Support

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On 22 March, the Center for Liberal Moder­nity in coope­ra­tion with Naf­togaz Ukraine and the Ukrai­nian Fede­ra­tion of Employ­ers of the Oil and Gas Indus­try orga­ni­zed an online dis­cus­sion about the current situa­tion in Ukraine and the urgent steps to support Ukraine.

Since the start of the Russian war against Ukraine on Febru­ary 24th, thousands of civi­li­ans and sol­di­ers lost their lives, and even more, were wounded, mil­li­ons of people are dis­pla­ced and fleeing. Infra­st­ruc­ture in dozens of cities was inten­tio­nally des­troyed. Ukraine’s esti­ma­ted losses from the dest­ruc­tion caused by the Russian inva­sion already account for over USD 100 billion, plus new damages every day. While the Ukrai­nian mili­tary is bravely defen­ding the country, more deter­mi­ned inter­na­tio­nal support in all dimen­si­ons as well as tougher eco­no­mic sanc­tions against Russia are urgently needed to stop Putin’s war of aggression.

In this webinar, Ukrai­nian and German experts from poli­tics, busi­ness, and civil society will discuss (1) What, in terms of loss and damage, is the impact of the Russian war against Ukraine up until now? (2) Which finan­cial, mili­tary, huma­ni­ta­rian, and poli­ti­cal steps must be taken in order to help Ukraine sustain its independence?


14:00 – 14:45
Current account of the huma­ni­ta­rian and eco­no­mic damage to Ukraine

  • Evgen Perely­gin, Ambassa­dor, Head of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minis­ter for Euro­pean and Euro-Atlan­tic Integration
  • Michael Siebert, Mana­ging Direc­tor Eastern Europe, and Central Asia, Euro­pean Exter­nal Action Service

14:45 – 16:00  
Urgent steps in finan­cial, defense, huma­ni­ta­rian and poli­ti­cal support for Ukraine

  • Yuri Vit­renko, Chief Exe­cu­tive Officer, Naf­togaz Ukraine
  • Ivanna Klym­push-Tsint­s­adze, MP, Chair of the Par­lia­men­tary Com­mit­tee of Ukraine’s inte­gra­tion into Euro­pean Union, Ukraine
  • Johan­nes Schraps, MP (SPD), Germany
  • Robin Wagener, MP (Alli­ance 90/​The Greens), Germany
  • Boris Iaro­che­vitch, Senior Advisor to the Mana­ging Direc­tor Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Euro­pean Exter­nal Action Service
  • Marie­luise Beck, Direc­tor for East-Central and Eastern Europe, Center for Liberal Moder­nity, Germany

Mode­ra­tion: Ralf Fücks, Mana­ging Direc­tor, Center for Liberal Moder­nity, Germany



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